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Subscription Billing, Simplified.

Continuity CRM:

Our high volume subscription background provided the perfect build environment for a real continuity billing platform. We do subscription billing the right way.

Free trial? Straight sale? Straight Sale + Subscription? Continuity downsells/upsells? Regardless of your billing model, Our Saas based Subscription CRM is the perfect, all-inclusive platform for your recurring billing business.

Subscriptions are our specialty, we love anniversary dates, future dates, activation dates but also cancellations, pausing, and customizable subscription dates—we will have your campaigns live quickly and efficiently. Our best in class reporting will make managing life time value, rebills, cancellations, mid health, real time order flow, fulfillment and customer support details a breeze. Our data is super simplified and extremely insightful, allowing you to easily focus on the growth and profit of your business. allows subscription merchants to exploit trends, identify variances and reduce consumer churn. Our CRM will make your business better.

  • Integration:
    Our easy on-boarding process ensures you are taking orders quickly.

  • Reporting:
    Our simplified display of critical data makes you an analytics Jedi.

  • Payment Options:
    We work with (and are always adding new) payment partners

Better Billing.

Continuity CRM:

Easy to use, easy to understand features and tools your continuity business needs to thrive.

Real Time Order Flow

That’s right, we display sales and orders has they happen, in real time, live.

Simple Rebill Reports

The cleanest, most sensible rebill reports in the industry. Critical rebill data with at-a-glance simplicity.

Customer Life Time Value Reports

Our intuitive reports make it ridiculously easy to identify which channels and products yield the highest customer life time value.

MID Health Reports

Identify mid health by mid, chargeback, fraud count and ratio. Cascade your business easily and painlessly with our real time mid transparency. Happy mids make for happy merchants.

Multiple Payment Integrations

We are integrated with the biggest and best domestic and international payment solutions on the planet. Let our experience be your advantage. Accept multiple currencies and payment types.

Easy Import

No need to worry if you are currently using an inferior CRM to handle your recurring payments and subscription billing. We make migrating your business quick and painless.

Seriously Fast

The speed of our CRM is the class of the industry. Manage your business with Cheetah-Like quickness—because waiting on data is like burning money.

Agent Friendly

Our customer service portal has been battled tested by some of the finest customer service reps on the planet. Easy to use and easy to navigate functionality for your CSRs ensure a quality outcome for your clients.

Super Friendly Support

Our customer success team is always available to help your business. is the better subscription billing environment for your recurring payment business

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in comparision

See how ContinuityCRM stacks up against the competition—you will find we are better, faster, smarter, nice, more cost efficient, and better looking.

  • Do You Know Which Factors to Consider When Comparing a CRM?

  • Whether you are implementing CRM software for the first time or are ready to make a change because what you are using isn’t working well enough, comparison shopping is important. A bit of time spent now will save you a lot of time later. If you are trying to decide between CRM vendors, we would love to help influence that decision. Talk to us and learn how we can help take your business to the next level.

"The strength of the wolf is in the pack"


Our 45 years of combined continuity billing experience has solidified the best connections in the industry. Use our established tier one resources to better your performance. gives you access to the best and brightest in the space, today.

ContinuityCRM will reduce churn, increase profits, extend subscription life and enrich your customer experience.

We are so certain we will waive all set up fees and let you try the first month FREE.

ContinuityCRM works like others won't, enabling your business to do what others can't.

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Ask Us Anything


Feel free to contact us day or night with questions or comments. Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Does ContinuityCRM Require A Contract?
No. No contract, no set up fee, in fact, there is no charge for your first month. Simply go month-to-month and only be billed based on your actual usage.

Is It Easy To Migrate From Another CRM?
Yes. Our white glove migration service makes it quick and painless to migrate from any crm to ContinuityCRM.

Does ContinuityCRM Support Trials?
Yes. We support all subscription billing models and our next generation reporting makes it easy to identify affiliate/channel performance by subscription cycle (rebill).

Does ContinuityCRM Support International tax codes?
Yes. Our simple set up allows you to customize any tax regime.

Can I Use ContinuityCRM For One Time Transactions?
Yes. We support all billing models.

Can I Use My Existing Payment Gateway?
99% Yes. We are integrated with several payment gateways across the globe. If we are not integrated with your gateway – we can be (with a quickness).

Subscription Billing. Simplified.

Continuity CRM

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